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District Audits & Budgets

The District's financial statements are audited annually upon completion of the fiscal year. The District's fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. The final audit is presented to the Board of Directors for discussion and approval.

PSMCSD 2022-2023 AUDIT Final Draft v0212.pdfPSMCSD Audit 2021-2022.pdfPSMCSD Audit 2020-2021.pdfPSMCSD Audit 2019-2020.pdf


Every year, our Board of Directors approves several budget's to provide the framework on how the District plans to maintain and improve our water systems and other services provided to our customers. Once approved by the Board, the District regularly monitors expenses and revenues to ensure integrity of all operations.

Annual Budgets:


Operating Final Budget 2023-2024.pdfParks-Public Area Final Budget 2023-2024.pdfPajaro Park Final Budget 2023-2024.pdfStreet Maintenance Final Budget 2023-2024.pdfStreet Lighting Final Budget 2023-2024


Operating Final Budget 2022-2023.pdfParks-Public Area Final Budget 2022-2023.pdfPajaro Park Final Budget 2022-2023.pdfStreet Maintenance Final Budget 2022-2023.pdfStreet Lighting Final Budget 2022-2023.pdf