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The Pajaro/Sunny Mesa Community Services District owns and operates various water systems in the Northern Monterey County region.

The following list consists of systems owned and operated by the District:

System Name:System Number:
Blackie Rd #18 Water System2702094
Langley/Valle Pacifico Water System2701670
Moss Landing Harbor Water System2701515
Normco Water System2700511
Pajaro Water System2710020
Springfield Rd Water System2700771
Sunny Mesa Water System2700773
Vega Rd #01 Water System2700787
Vierra Estates Water System2702007


Click below to view the Water Acquisition Policy  

Resolution No 09-01-21-Water Acqusition Policy.pdf


The District no longer operates or maintains the following systems: 

System Name:System Number:
Dolan Road Mutual Water Company2700548
Green Acres Water Association2701647
Holly Hills Mutual Water Company2701789
Paradise Road No. 5 Water Company2700678
Woodland Heights Mutual Water Company2702439